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With DIR # 6, we finally fulfil our long-standing desire to bring Korean dancers to Vienna: We can announce proudly that we were able to invite Gil Seong Bin Park & Suyeon Oh as participants for our Dancer In Residence program.

Both are celebrated Lindy Hop stars in Korea – the biggest Lindy Hop scene in the world- while here hardly anybody knows them – yet.
When we were researching and considering whom we could invite from Korea, the IG HOP team quickly agreed that these two dancers are among the most extraordinary dancers from Seoul. They have completely unique ways of expressing musicality and individuality and therefore are a perfect choice for our DIR # program. Both Gil Seong Bin Park and Suyeon Oh have mainly danced in other partner constellations so far, so we can actually bring two exceptional dancers together for a first-time fusion of their creative and artistic energies.

뽈 / Suyeon Oh

During one of her few stays in Europe, Suyeon Oh has enchanted everybody at Lindy Shock 2015 in Budapest with her graceful style of dancing, both leaders and followers alike. We are therefore extremely pleased that we are able to bring this fantastic dancer to Vienna for a whole two months so we can all be inspired by her special approach to dancing.
Suyeon Oh has been working as a dance instructor, choreographer and organizer in the Lindy Hop context since 2008 and is a member of the “Rangers” dance group. Like no other follower, she performs Lindy Hop as a free dance and can – without exaggeration- be counted among the best Lindy Hop followers in the world.

Here is a video of Suyeon Oh at the All-Stars Weekend 2015 with a special performance – 견우 & 뽈 (Gyunwoo & Suyeon Oh)

길 / Gil Seong Bin Park

At the age of 18, Gil Seong Bin Park started his dance career as a street-dancer and eventually found the Lindy Hop. Since 2007 he has been teaching not only Lindy Hop but also “K-Pop Dance”. Like Suyeon Oh, he works as a choreographer and is a member of the “Rangers” dance team while also coaching his own performance group “Ganbusters” and is the performer of “The Swing Park Show”. His varied background accounts for the unique nature of his style since he surpasses the limits of genres and draws on the vocabulary of a great variety of different dances to create his very own way of interpreting what he hears. “Express your feeling through music” is his motto and in order to realise this, he will use all the means available to him. Those who are interested in really sound technique and see Lindy Hop like Gil Seong Bin Park as a creative dance should not miss out on the chance of learning from this amazing und humorous dancer.

Here is a video of Gil Seong Bin Park at the All-Stars Weekend 2015 dancing in the invitational Jack & Jill – 메티 (Sunghee Meti Cho) & 길 (Seong Bin Park)

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