Aug 312015

Minus 20% for “Leading Women” in all courses of the IG HOP!

In response to the general Gender Gap and the tendency for most women to sign up for classes as a follower, we have created a LEADER SUPPORT FUND (LSF—20%) with the aim of counteracting gender-stereotypes in the dance.

This support is primarily intended to encourage women to sign up and dance as leads and ultimately to compensate the lead-follow imbalance both in courses and in general on Viennas swing dance events. In the spirit of fairness, the LSF—20% also applies to men who sign up as followers.

How it works:

When registering online, simply check the box for LSF—20% and the IG HOP  takes 20% of your course fee. (Solo and Role Switch courses are excluded from the LSF—20%.)


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