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Erin Morris

Erin Morris is a nationally-acclaimed jazz artist with an uncanny mix of wild creativity, stunning poise and remarkable stage presence. As founding member and lead-choreographer of Erin Morris & Her Ragdolls, Erin has sparked a local resurgence in the popular chorus girl traditions of the Jazz and Swing eras.

Whether teaching or performing, Erin is one of the most pivotal figures in the Michigan dance scene. Erin honors the tradition of the dances she teaches without losing sight of innovation or personal expression, and her love of solo movement gives her a unique artistry and playful confidence. In addition to dancing, she studies and performs on her jazz tuba with the Easy Street Jazz Band alongside the best Dixieland musicians in Michigan.

As a group, Erin Morris & Her Ragdolls present and promote the relationship between music and dance by performing almost exclusively with live musicians. They are regularly featured performers at NOLA Girl Jam, and they also perform annually on the renowned Michigan Theater stage for the “Ragtime Extravaganza!” show.

Since 1999, Erin has taught for the University of Michigan – Swing Ann Arbor and greatly enjoys investing in her local lindy hop community. She has also taught at national events, like Lindy Diversion in Denver, CO and Hooverville Stomp in Oberlin, OH. With strengths in raw, unique movement, poetic yet simple breakdowns, and an overall conversational teaching-style, it’s easy to see why Erin is always a crowd favorite at workshops.


Nathan Bugh

Nathan “Soft Shoe” Bugh has been an international dance instructor and show stopping performer for over a decade, won countless competitions, performed in film, television and theater productions, shines as a member of the famous Killer Dillers and is, above all, a passionate dance teacher.

Nathan has a well documented track history of living and contributing to the Lindy Hop community at large. Nathan’s style and his musical access to jazz movement expresses something vibrant and very unique, revisiting the spirit of the original dancers of the Savoy Ballroom. We think that this aspect of Nathan’s dance understanding has not yet found the spotlight it deserves.

Inviting Nathan Bugh to Vienna for the Dancers In Residence program (DIR#3), represents a kind of exception to our general rule (the DIR-concept is focused on promoting and supporting less well-known, up & coming dancers rather than established and/or famous figures in the dance community as Nathan), but we are sure that you’ll agree he has a lot to offer!

You can find more information and interesting texts about and from Nathan on or just take an entertaining journey on youtube.

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