Our background as an organization is quite simply that of a group of people who wanted actively pursue their ideas and approaches to dancing as well as co-creating the local community in addition and as a contribution to what already was on offer.

Back at the time we met, all of us already had a background of loving swing/old jazz music and dance. That eventually led to taking classes with Some Like It Hot – a viennese swing-dance association.

Beside that, we started attending international workshops and festivals. Different ideas and approaches kept coming up and we realized that the best way for them to take shape was founding our own association – the IG HOP – at the end of 2011.

IG HOP is a non-profit organisation.

IG HOP is:

The Board

  • Christiane Beinl // President, Trainer, Swing band leader of The Cotton Lickers, Shows
  • Tobias Roschger // Vice President, Trainer, Office , Swing DJ, Shows
  • Maria Grabfrau //Board, Trainer, Shows
  • Hanna Prykhodzka // Board, Lindy Hop Trainer, MC

All Members

  • Christiane Beinl // President & Board, Trainer, Swing band leader of The Cotton Lickers
  • Ada D. // Ordinary Member, Trainer, Shows, Events, Artist Support
  • Maria Grabfrau // Board, Trainer, Shows
  • Anna Haidegger  // Ordinary Member, Graphic Design, Office
  • Nelly Matevosyan // Ordinary Member, Events, Arts and crafts
  • Elizabeth Cathrin Miller // Ordinary Member, MC, Shows, Merchandise
  • Tobias Roschger // Vice President & Board, Trainer, Creative Director, Office , Swing DJ, Graphic Design, Shows
  • Ziva Vavpotič // Ordinary Member, Trainer
  • Hanna Prykhodzka // Board, Lindy Hop Trainer, MC
  • Johanna Zoller // Ordinary Member, Lindy Hop Trainer, Arts and crafts

Former Members // Friends // Partners

  • Karin Rücklinger // Former Ordinary Member, Events, Artist Support
  • Marcus Nutzinger // Former Ordinary Member,  Lindy Hop Teacher, Radio Show From the Top, Shows, Artist Support
  • Alexei Korolyov // Former Ordinary Member, Presenter Producer Chief Editor of IG HOP’s Radio Show From the Top.
  • Nina Jukic // Former Supporting Member
  • Flora H. // Former Ordinary Member
  • Julia Grünwald // Former Ordinary Member
  • Birgit Lesch // Former Ordinary Member
  • Kira Kovalenko // Former Ordinary Member
  • Milo Tesselaar // Former President


Milo Tesselaar, Tobias Roschger, Christiane Beinl, Anna Haidegger, Julia Grünwald, Kira Kovalenko, Ziva Vavpotič


Join us

In addition to our dance classes, workshops and programs, the IG HOP likes sharing ideas with people who want to possibly collaborate or contribute to the local swing community as well as people who would like to volunteer in any of our activities (ie. hosting international dancers we invite to come to vienna, helping hands at events, etc.).

drop us a line:

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