Here you find exact level descriptions. We ask you to please be fair and place yourself at the level that best suits your abilities. If you are in doubt about the right level, you are welcome to get back to us.


I have seen Lindy Hop before, I love the music and am top-motivated.


I have enthusiastically been dancing Lindy Hop regularly for less than a year and know just about how a swing out works. I know 6-count-basics, 8-count-basics, maybe charleston basics, and maybe even some fancy variations.


I’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for at least half a year, both in trainings and social events, feel good about my musicality in dance, I freely combine and vary the moves I’ve learned.


I dance a lot and have already been to a couple of international workshops, I can dance to fast tempos (185 bpm+) and sometimes invent my own variations while dancing.


I dance a lot and don’t think about steps anymore while social dancing. When the tempo gets high my dancing doesn’t get hectic, I work a lot on the quality and fine-tuning of the basics.

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