14. Feb – 3. Apr 2020 Intermediate mit Christiane und Tobias

Mix up 6-Count & 8-Count! // Tandem Charleston

Freitags:  18:45 – 20:00
Ort: Festsaal des CVJM – Kenyongasse 15(1.Stock), 1070 Wien
TrainerInnen:  Christiane & Tobias


Mix up 6-Count & 8-Count! // Tandem Charleston

In this course we are going to learn to lead and follow the difference between 6-Count & 8-Count Moves we will also change the the default rhythms of the moves, so you will do typical 6-count-moves in 8-count rhythm and so on. In the second part we will learn and practice the Tandem Charleston (Charleston with the Leader behind the Follower), because we love it so.

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