16. Juli – 6. August 2020: Lindy Hop Solo Beg+/Intermediate

Donnerstags: 18:30 – 19:45
Ort: Festsaal CVJM, Kenyongasse 15, 1070 Wien
TrainerInnen:  Christiane & Tobias
4-Wochen-Special für 55,-!



Finally, we can have fun dancing together again – even solo!

In this course, we will work on getting your Lindy Hop fundamentals solid (again) – each week will give you material to practise so you become more confident in your dancing – which, as you already experienced, is key to dancing with a partner. The content will cover rhythm patterns as well as some easy and fun rhythm and styling variations which are part of the Lindy Hop „canon“ 🙂.
Since the group will be supersmall (maximum number of participants is 9!), we will be able to adjust the class content to the groups and also individual needs.

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