DIR#9: Sam & Blake’s and YOUR choice!

Tuesday: 11. Feb – 31. Mar 2020

Level: Lindy Hop Advanced+
Time: 20:15 – 21:30
Ort: Festsaal des CVJM – Kenyongasse 15 (1.Stock), 1070 Wien
Price: Early Bird: 145,-/125,-/105,- Lazy Bird: 180,-


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Sam & Blake’s and YOUR choice!


This class is for all Vienna’s Advanced+ Lindy Hoppers and we wanted to decide together with you what topics will be covered in this class. The topics were voted in our DIR#9 facebook-group. And here are the winners:
–> Sam & Blake’s special dance skills & sources of inspiration (this is sprinkled in all classes, but here it’ll concentrated and advanced)
–> How to find an develop your dancing identity/voice (figuring out your dance values, how to make your own steps, what makes you different)


For advanced+ dancers only. You are dancing for about 5 years+ or you are a very talented and a fast learning dancer. If you are not sure if you are ready for this level, please contact Tobias: 06607685317

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