DIR#9 Special: Focussed Practice & Personal Feedback

Wednesday: 12. Feb – 1. Apr 2020

Level: Pre-Intermediate bis Advanced+++ (Lindy Hop – Balboa – Shag – Solo Jazz)
Time: 20:25 – 21:40
Ort: Kangaworld – Schottenfeldgasse 60/ 3, Letzter Hof / 3. Stock
Price: Early Bird: 145,-/125,-/105,- Lazy Bird: 180,-


Focussed Practice & Personal Feedback


In this class Sam & Blake will help you personally to progress as a dancer. This small-size class is dedicated to guiding you towards improving your own training process effectively and giving you tools for self-reflection and -correction on your own and/or with a partner. Work on your Lindy Hop, Balboa or Solo dance skills – anything goes. Sam & Blake will give develop tailor-made content for you and give you extensive personal feedback on your process and progress.

Maximum part: 24 People

In this class we do not rotate partners! Depending on your goals, you can sign up with a fixed partner/group or on your own.

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