Special: Authentic Jazz with Thomas Marek

09. October 2019 – 27. November 2019

Mittwochs: 20:35 – 21:50
Preis: 120,- für 8 x 75 Minuten
Ort: Festsaal des CVJM– Wien, Kenyongasse 15 (1.Stock), 1070 Wien
TrainerIn: Thomas Marek



In this course, Thomas will teach you original and classic Jazz dance moves.
BUT: rather than just teaching the moves, Thomas will focus on helping you develop your very own style and form of expressing these moves.
You will gain a deeper insight into Jazz on a conceptual as well as a physical level:
the goal is to embody rhythmics and music. In this process, Thomas will introduce forms and rhythmical features of Jazz music and dance and by the end of the course you will have fused all this into a small routine.

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