Tap had a huge influence on early swing dancing and many steps have become a fundamental part of our lindy and jazz dancing vocabulary (most famously, the shim sham routine). In this two-day crash course we will focus on learning the most important basic tap steps, then move on to some typical combinations and more complex variations, always keeping things in a swing dance context. By the end of the class you will be able to perform a short routine that we learn together and have a number of basic steps and rhythmic variations at your disposal, which you can use in your Lindy Hop dancing!
Keine! This class is geared towards tap beginners who have Lindy hop dancing experience.
Clara Montocchio
No Tap shoes needed. (If you have some bring them). Shoes with a split sole (non rubber) are highly recommended (Zu deutsch: Lederschuhe mit Absatz).
55,- pro Person für 4 x 90 Minuten.


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