WOW… Get ready to be amazed as we present the second edition of our exhilarating workshop series! Join us for an unforgettable weekend with the dynamic duo, Serpil and Erol, as they bring their expertise and passion to the forefront. Dive deep into the world of Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz with these exceptional instructors and let their infectious energy and dedication to the dance inspire you.


About Serpil:

Serpil is a passionate dancer, teacher and a performer from İzmir, Turkey. Serpil is mostly inspired by Afro-Cuban Jazz and she enjoys to express herself through jazz dance. She is also the founder of Lindy Hop İzmir and one of the organizers of İzmir Swing Festival and a member of the Lindy Hop Team Turkey.

About Erol:

Erol hails from Turkey and is driven by bop music and dance. Learning the Lindy in class and jazz dancing outside of the classroom. He shifted his mentality and practice over the years, realizing the history and culture of jazz. He is currently focussing on the local community and challenging himself by choreographing for several local dance troupes. He is investing much of his time on researching, learning, and sharing bebop dancing and its history. Also check out the „What A Jazz“-podcast-episode with Erol.


Price: 47,- for a 120-Minutes-Workshop, -10% off for the second WOW booking, 15% off for every further WOW…
Dates: Friday-Sunday, 07.-09.June 2024
Location: Sal – Salesianergasse 10, 1030 Wien

Workshop Schedule:


Friday, 07. June

18:30-20:45: Lindy Hop Teachers / Invitational: The influence of Mambo and Bebop as style and rhythm. Understanding the differences and similarities.


Saturday, 08. June

11:00-13:15: Solo Jazz Advanced / Bebop with Erol: Working on fast dancing in a more relaxed and sharper way. How listening and dancing to bebop can help with improvising to upbeat tempos, the differences of approach by the original bop style dancers.

15:30-17:45: Lindy Hop Advanced: Different steps and moves from the Harvest Moon Ball. Fast dancing comfortably and creating your own choreographies/combinations/phrases with reference to the roots.


Sunday, 09. June

11:00-13:15: Lindy Hop Intermediate & Int-Adv: Changing the basic habits of dancing and shapes. Focusing on the feeling of the rhythm and groove.

15:30-17:45: Solo Jazz Intermediate with Erol: Intense work on improvisation both rhythmically and as movement. Breaking improvisation down from different perspectives and practices.

To avoid frustration for yourself and among the participants, please sign up only for classes for which you meet the requirements.

  • Basic Lindy Hop moves and rhythms (6-count moves, 8-count moves, Lindy Charleston) can be danced to convenient tempos.
  • You feel comfortable with simple routines.
  • You regularly attend social dancing events.
  • High confidence in basic and intermediate Lindy Hop rhythms and moves.
  • Comfortable dancing to a variety of tempos.
  • You have been dancing for at least 2 years.
  • You regularly work on fine-tuning your basics, complex rhythms, and partnering technique.

  • You are able to interpret different styles of music and express them in your dancing.

  • Fast tempos don’t scare you.

  • You have been dancing and practicing regularly for about 3-10 years.

  • Participation is by invitation or:
  • You have a record in competitive dancing and/or teaching Lindy Hop.
  • So if you’re a local teacher you’re automatically invited
  • If you believe you should be invited, please write us an email at contact@ighop.at.