IG HOP Team & Partnerinnen

Former Contributors

  • Ada // Former Ordinary Member, Trainer.
  • Jay // Trainer
  • Johanna Zoller // Former Ordinary Member, Trainer.
  • Marcus Nutzinger // Former Ordinary Member, Trainer, Supporter of Radio Show From the Top.
  • Alexei Korolyov // Former Ordinary Member, Presenter Producer Chief Editor of IG HOP’s Radio Show From the Top.
  • Nina Jukic // Former Extraordinary Member
  • Flora H. // Former Ordinary Member
  • Birgit Lesch // Former Ordinary Member
  • Julia Grünwald //Founding Member, Former Ordinary Member
  • Kira Kovalenko // Founding Member, Former Ordinary Member
  • Milo Tesselaar // Founding President, Founder of Tuesday Hop and Fruity Hop

Temporary Members

For the duration of time you are taking classes with us, you are a Temporary Member of IG HOP.