16.12.2017 Eccentric Jazz Dance with Russell Bruner


For this most extravagant edition of the Inspirational Saturday series we are very proud to have Russell Bruner, 2012’s Best International Boylesque Performer and triple 1st place performer at the Tournament of Tease, the world’s largest and most respected burlesque competition. Currently residing in Vienna, Russell not only brings his unique style to the capitol’s social dancefloors but also his vast array of talents as an all-around performer to its stages. Having fallen for swing dance and music from as early as 14 years of age, Russell won his share of swing dance competitions and traveled as an instructor before he went on to train as an acrobat and physical comedian to finally explode into the Burlesque scene soon after its rising revival.

For this course, Russell will share with us his in-depth knowledge of Eccentric Jazz Dance, the comedic dance that was performed in Vaudeville and Music Halls of the earliest days of Jazz and its movement. He will work with us on a routine in the styles of the most famous names of that genre: Josephine Baker, Earl „snake hips“ Tucker, Jack Stanford and more whom you will get to know in the course of this workshop. For not only does Russell offer practical instruction and advice on how to dance and perform eccentrically, he will also make room for a discussion geared towards performance showmanship and the tricks of the trade at the end of class.


Wenn nicht anderes angegeben, braucht es keine speziellen Vorkenntnisse. Alle interessierten können teilnehmen, jedoch richten sich die Kurse an die TänzerInnen in unserer Szene.
Kosten: 3-Stunden-Tages-Workshop: 30,- pro Person
Termin: Saturday, 16.12.2017, 16:30-19:30 Uhr
Ort: Tanzstudio Goldegg – Goldeggasse 29, 1040 Wien