28.01.2017: Body Percussion with Luis Ribeiro



A body-percussion workshop for Swing dancers. For this first edition, we are extremely pleased to announce that we were able to invite the master percussionist Luis Ribeiro. He will teach a body percussion workshop and give us rhythmical material which we can work with and integrate into our Lindy Hop.

Two hours will be dedicated to intensive work with Luis with one hour afterwards to train and experiment with hitting on ourselves.

Trainer: Master percussionist Luis Ribeiro



Wenn nicht anderes angegeben, braucht es keine speziellen Vorkenntnisse. Alle interessierten können teilnehmen, jedoch richten sich die Kurse an die TänzerInnen in unserer Szene.

Kosten: 3-Stunden-Tages-Workshop: 30,- pro Person
Termin: Saturday, 28. Januar 2017, 16:00-19:00 Uhr
Ort: Tanzstudio Goldegg – Goldeggasse 29, 1040 Wien