DIR#3 Classes

The Facts:

  • # More information about DIR#3 with Erin Morris and Nathan Bugh here.
  • # We have weekly Lindy Hop classes on four different levels and a weekly Solo Jazz class for intermediate/advanced dancers. Please register only for a level whose prerequisites you match.
  • # The maximum of participants per class is 24 people.
  • # Therefore we ask to register only if there is a deep interest in a lived Lindy Hop dancing and an exchange about the dance.
  • # All classes will take place at Festsaal of CVJM – Wien, Kenyongasse 15, 1070 Wien
  • # The Early-Bird-Price per class (till 7th of July): € 135,-, after that: € 170,-
  • # Special offer: Lindy Hop Class + Solo Jazz Class package: 235,-! (Early Birds only)
  • # The Early-Bird-Registration starts on Tuesday, 3th of June 2014 at 00:01 AM!


Pre-Intermediate-Intermediate / Level B:

I have enthusiastically been dancing Lindy Hop regularly for more than a half year but less than a year and know just about how a swing out works. I know 6-count-basics, 8-count-basics, and charleston basics, and maybe even some fancy variations.

Start: 30. September 2014
Tuesdays: 18:45 – 20:15 Uhr


Intermediate / Level C:

I’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for more than a year, both in trainings and social events, feel good about my musicality in dance, I freely combine and vary the moves I’ve learned.

Start: 30. September 2014,
Tuesdays, 20:30 – 22:00


Intermediate-Advanced / Level D-E:

I dance a lot and have already been to a couple of international workshops, I can dance to fast tempos (185 bpm+) and sometimes invent my own variations while dancing.

Start: 2. October 2014,
Thursdays, 18:45 – 20:15

  • # If there are enough registrations, this class will be devided into two levels and the second class (higher level elected by an audition) will start at 20:30 also on Thursdays.

Advanced-Advanced+ / Level E-Z:

I dance a lot and don’t think much about steps anymore while social dancing. When the tempo gets high my dancing doesn’t get hectic, I work a lot on the quality and fine-tuning of the basics. (This level is primarily for Lindy Hop teachers!)

Start: 1. October 2014,,
Wednesdays,18:45 – 20:15


Intermediate/Advanced Solo Jazz:

I know the Shim Sham and some Solo-Jazz and -Charleston moves or even some other jazz routines (eg: Tranky Doo, Jitterbug Stroll, Big Apple, Al &Leon Shim Sham, St. Louis Shim Sham). And I feel comfortable with learning steps and routines on a regular tempo.

Start: 1. October 2014,,
Wednesdays, 20:30 – 22:00



People attend classes/workshops and the DIR-programm entirely at their own risk. Participants of classes/workshops and the DIR-programm are temporary “supporting members” of the association IG HOP.
In case you have to cancel your registration, we will have to charge 50% of the full price in the time of cancellation betwenn six to two weeks before classes start. Within two weeks before the classes start, we charge 75% of the full price and after classes started we don’t refund at all.