We currently offer Lindy Hop- and Solo-Jazz/Carleston-Classes.
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If you are interested to participate in a dance class of IG HOP, please read first about the concept and rules of IG HOP classes!

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Lindy Hop Beginne®

Hier fängt man zum Swing Tanzen und Lindy Hoppen an.
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Lindy Hop Beginner+

Wir feilen weiter an den Lindy Hop Basics, hinzu kommen Swing-Out-Variationen und Foot-work-Variationen. Außerdem machen wir die Lindy Charleston Basics inkl. Variationen und Breaks. 
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Lindy Hop ♥ Intermediate

Die verschieden nicht aufeinander aufbauende Intermediate Module sind jeweils durch inhaltliche Schwerpunkte definiert. Wir entwickeln laufend neue Module mit spannenden Themen.
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Lindy Hop Int~Adv

Voraussetzung für die Intermedate-Advanced (Int-Adv) Module sind solides Tanzen am Dancefloor. Die Inhalte sind viel Technik, komplexe und technisch anspruchsvolle Moves und Grundlangen für improvisiertes Tanzen. 
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Lindy Hop Âdvanced

Hier stellen jeweils ToptänzerInnen der Wiener Szene ihre besonderen Expertisen vor. Voraussetzung zur Teilnahme: Du bist ein Advanced Lindy Hopper.
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Lindy Hop «Role Switch«

Dieser Kurs richtet sich an alle Lindy Hopper die auch die andere Rolle ernsthaft und effektiv lernen möchten, dafür aber nicht wieder einen Beginner Kurs belegen möchten. 
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Solo Jazz Mºves

Um zu Swing Musik zu Tanzen brauchst du nicht unbedingt einen Partner! Auch hier gibt es verschiedene Module (Solo Charleston, Shim Sham, St. Louis Shim Sham,..) 
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Collegiate Shäg

Collegiate Shag ist neben Lindy Hop der wohl lustigste Swing Tanz der 1930er Jahre. Kein Song ist zu schnell zum Shag zu tanzen…
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Tap Dance mit Thomas Marek

Als Pionier des modernen Tap Dance in Europa ist er seit den 1990er Jahren aktiv und hat in dieser Zeit auch international bekannte Swing TänzerInnen gecoacht und selbst Lindy Hop getanzt…
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Blues ≈ Dance

Tauche ein in die Welt des Blues! 
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A# Jazz Band

Ein Projekt für alle Musiker die gerne Jazz und Swing für TänzerInnen spielen möchten…
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IG S☼mmer Kurse

Die Sommer Kurse sind ein eigenes Kursformat für die Monate Juli und August.
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Gerne vermitteln wir auch Privatstunden mit unseren Trainern.
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Allgemeine Infos über die IG HOP Kurse unter: IG HOP CLASSES KONZEPT
Wähle bitte nur einen Kurs bei dem du sicher bist, dass er deinen Vorkenntnissen entspricht. Bei Unsicherheit kontaktiere uns unter Sollte es trotz allen Infos auf der website Unklarheiten oder Schwierigkeiten geben kontaktiere uns ebenfalls unter



1# For us, learning to dance Lindy Hop means finding possibilities – from elegant to funny – for expressing rhythm, melody and mood of swing together with a partner or also alone.

2# The dance wants to be danced. We offer our classes because we hope to see the participants on the social dancefloor sooner than later!

3# Lindy Hop is a “social” dance, which is also why we change dance partners during our classes.

4# In partner-dance, there usually is a leader and a follower (while certainly after dancing Lindy for a while, those limits become blurred!). Who wants to lead and who wants to follow is up to individual tastes and not tied to a biological or social gender. Both parts have their qualities and their challenges.

5# In our courses, we keep the maximum of participants small. Therefore, we have the possibility of giving individual support and personal feedback.

6# Having even levels in terms of the leader-follower ratio is important for us. Experience has shown, that solo-follower should preferrably – if not necessarily – register together with a leader in order to get a spot on the list. We can only recommend using individual social networks and searching actively. Since we  change partner throughout the classes, the parter you register with doesn’t even have to be someone you like. Experience has also shown that – so far – almost everyone finds somebody. Accordingly, solo-leaders are almost always in demand as well as short supply and therefore highly welcome.

7# Participants take part in our classes entirely at their own risk.

8# Every participant of our courses and trainings is a temporary member of the association IG HOP.

9# We do not offer taster lessons for our courses. People who have registered and paid can’t claim refunds. However, we offer the possibility to transfer the paid amount to another of our courses.

10# The house rules of the dance studios we use is to be observed and we ask everyone to please muster the required sensitivity for those matters.


>> To find out more about different contents, the program and aims of our courses have a look at IG HOP CLASSES PROGRAM



Here you find exact level descriptions. We ask you to please be fair and place yourself at the level that best suits your abilities. If you are in doubt about the right level, you are welcome to get back to us.


I have seen Lindy Hop before, I love the music and am top-motivated.


I have enthusiastically been dancing Lindy Hop regularly for less than a year and know just about how a swing out works. I know 6-count-basics, 8-count-basics, maybe charleston basics, and maybe even some fancy variations.


I’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for at least half a year, both in trainings and social events, feel good about my musicality in dance, I freely combine and vary the moves I’ve learned.


I dance a lot and have already been to a couple of international workshops, I can dance to fast tempos (185 bpm+) and sometimes invent my own variations while dancing.


I dance a lot and don’t think about steps anymore while social dancing. When the tempo gets high my dancing doesn’t get hectic, I work a lot on the quality and fine-tuning of the basics.

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